If you have ever found yourself wondering what is the best flashlight to buy, then you have probably been confused before when shopping. The best flashlight changes from year to year as companies release new and improved equipment for their customers.

Finding the right flashlight for you may seem tricky, but it is easy when you look at the size, type, and pros and cons of available flashlights. This will let you easily find which of the top flashlights is the right option for you and which ones you should skip.

#1 GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 – Best Flashlight on Amazon

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This is an incredibly powerful flashlight. It’s the best LED flashlight on the market and can easily light up the room you are in or illuminate objects that are up to 1000 feet away from you. Because it’s 10 times brighter than incandescent lights, it’s reliable and will allow you to easily see what’s going on around you.

Users don’t have to worry about breaking their flashlight, as it can survive falls up to 10 feet, as well as being under water temporarily. These flashlights work perfectly in freezing weather and have a durable chassis that won’t be damaged when it is run over with a car.

Another great feature that this flashlight has is the anti-slip chassis. This will prevent users from dropping the flashlight when their hands are cold or wet.


  • Runs for hours on just three AAA batteries
  • Features five settings, as well as a beam zoom
  • Small enough to fit into a pocket or purse


  • Power button isn’t durable and will pop out
  • Doesn’t always work reliably
  • Tends to use batteries quickly

#2 Vansky UK Flashlight – Second Best Rated Flashlight


This powerful UV flashlight is a great option for anyone who wants to be able to tell if they have unfavorable stains in their vehicle, at home, or at work. It is able to detect an incredibly large area and, thanks to the bright lights, stains are immediately obvious.

There are 51 UV LEDs included in this flashlight, giving users all of the power and control that they need when looking for stains. Each LED lasts for 12 years, which means that this flashlight is a one-time purchase that will last you for more than a decade.

Rather than worrying about how clean the area where you are really is, you can easily shine this flashlight around you to get an idea of where stains are and what you need to do to clean them.


  • Easy to identify stains, find spots, and identify fake currency and cards
  • Great for creating stunning shots at parties and gigs
  • Only requires two AAA batteries


  • Doesn’t operate like a regular flashlight
  • Doesn’t illuminate cat urine stains
  • Very lightweight, doesn’t have a lot of heft

#3 Streamline 66118 Stylus – Best for Keeping with You at All Times


This powerful flashlight is only around the size of a marker and will slip easily into the front pocket of your shirt so that you can always have light with you. It produces around 100 lumens and will run for 8 hours before needing new batteries.

Even though it is very small it will resist impact when dropped and is even water resistant, which is great for walking or hiking in the woods.

Not only can you put this flashlight in your shirt pocket when walking, but it ships with a nylon holster. This will easily connect to your belt so that you can carry it with you. The removable pocket clip on the flashlight itself ensures that it is secure and held in place.


  • Works well in a wide range of temperatures
  • Overall lifetime of up to 30,000 hours
  • Features micro optical system for best output


  • Tail cap tends to shift, causing flashlight to turn off
  • Doesn’t focus
  • Difficult to insert and connect batteries correctly

#4 GearLight High Powered LED Flashlight S2000 – Best for Camping and Emergencies


Anyone who spends time outside knows that they need to have a great flashlight to help them see in the dark. Not only is this powerful flashlight great for camping situations, but it is also a smart thing to include in an emergency bag.

It can easily survive long drops, even into water, and has a strong chassis that won’t crack or dent when it is dropped. This flashlight has an all-weather aluminum body, making it great for use in storms.

In addition to being water and weather resistant, this GearLight flashlight is also shock resistant. With an adjustable zoom and multiple light functions, it’s the perfect flashlight to give you peace of mind when you’re outside.


  • Delivers up to 1200 lumens of light
  • Easy to zoom out to cover a wide area with light or to zoom in on objects 1000 feet away
  • Features five modes


  • Edge of metal tends to be sharp
  • Beam of light can fail randomly
  • Larger size makes it difficult to put in a pocket

#5 PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight – Best Kit for All Your Needs


Not only will you get a durable and reliable flashlight when you purchase from PeakPlus, but when you purchase this one, you will also have a full flashlight kit. This means that in addition to your new flashlight, you will have a battery charger, rechargeable battery and sleeve, case, battery holder, and user manual.

This flashlight is 10 times brighter than incandescent flashlights and can run on a lithium ion battery or three AAA batteries. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use due to how durable it is.

People who are looking for a reliable flashlight that has all of the components they need and is easy to store will appreciate this PeakPlus flashlight. In addition to being convenient, it is skid proof, water resistant, and anti-abrasive.


  • Adjustable and easy to use
  • Compact design is great for travel
  • Completely charges in just six hours


  • Only throws a beam of light up to 600 feet
  • Strobe function tends to stop working
  • Bottom of flashlight often falls off

#6 SKYROKU LED Handheld Flashlight – Best Portable Flashlight


When shopping for a flashlight, you need to make sure that you consider where you are going to be using your new equipment, as many people want to take theirs with them on the road, but then choose a flashlight that is much too large.

This flashlight from SKYROKU is not only small enough to be easily slipped into a pocket or a purse, but also has a wrist strap on the end so that you don’t lose it when you’re out and about. At only 5.3 inches long, it’s easy to see how you can take it with you anywhere.

In addition to being portable, this flashlight has three lighting modes, as well as an adjustable focus. This makes it possible to see one thing in particular or to zoom out and illuminate a larger area, depending on your needs.


  • Attacking head can be used in self defense
  • Weighs under five ounces
  • Perfect for smaller hands to carry


  • Only has 300 lumens of light
  • Will not survive drops into the water
  • Can die if batteries are left in the flashlight for long periods of time

#7 Outlite A100 Portable Ultra Bright LED Flashlight – Best for Hiking


Thanks to the anti-slip handle on this Outlite flashlight, as well as the handy wrist strap at the end, users won’t have to worry about dropping it when they are out hiking or camping. Additionally, the intense spotlight will focus on objects up to 600 feet away, which is useful when hiking in the dark.

While it’s difficult to drop this flashlight due to its design, this can occur, but the flashlight is water resistant. This gives peace of mind to users who have their flashlight around bodies or water or are using it in the rain.

Finally, the attacking head is great in an emergency and can be used to break glass and exit a vehicle or for defense against another person or a wild animal.


  • Runs on either AAA batteries or a lithium-ion battery
  • Has five light modes
  • Easily adjustable


  • No batteries included
  • Light can tend to be dull and dim at times
  • Chassis can rust when dropped repeatedly and exposed to water

#8 TaoTronics Black Light Flashlight – Best for Verifying Currency and Documents


This powerful UV flashlight does much more than simply allow users to find any stains around them. It’s also great for making sure that all documents and money that you have are official and haven’t been tampered with.

Because you can easily shine the light across official documents and currency and tell whether or not it is fake, this is a great flashlight to have on hand if you work in a field that is high-risk for false documents.

There are 12 UV light LEDs in this flashlight, and they have a lifespan of 15 years, which means that this flashlight can last a long time. Thanks to the small body, it’s easy to take this flashlight with you when you’re on the job so that you’re always prepared.


  • Easily reveals anti-counterfeit symbols
  • Can authenticate foreign currency
  • Can be used to detect stains, as well as gas and fuel leaks


  • Not a traditional flashlight
  • Tends to go through batteries quickly
  • Not ideal for finding cat urine

#9 J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight – Best for a Bug Out Bag


Because this flashlight is 10 times brighter than a traditional flashlight, it’s easy to see how it can light up objects 600 feet away or brighten up an entire room. There are three modes to choose from when operating this flashlight, making it easy for all users to use.

Not only can it survive falls and being submerged in water for short periods of time, but it will last in freezing temperatures, making it great in outdoor emergencies. Thanks to the compact size, it’s perfect for packing in a bug out bag and leaving for an emergency.

The wide to narrow zoom is easy to use and allows for instant focus on anything in your path. One battery offers more than an hour of incredibly bright light.


  • Weighs under 2.5 ounces
  • Less than four inches long
  • Has clip for being put onto a belt or pants


  • Tends to eat through batteries quickly
  • Light will flicker when on
  • Doesn’t feature wrist strap, and can easily be lost

#10 Anker Super Bright Tactical Flashlight – Best Rechargeable Flashlight


You won’t ever have to worry about not having batteries on hand for your flashlight when you opt for this one from Anker, as the batteries recharge incredibly quick and then hold their charge for a very long time.

The tough body is designed to resist damage from falls and from water, and the flashlight itself can stand on its end. This allows the flashlight to be used as an emergency lamp.

Not only does the powerful beam last up to six hours on one charge, but it reaches nearly 1000 feet when zoomed in, making it easy to check surroundings. Finally, with five settings to choose from, this flashlight gives you all the power and light you need.


  • Ships with micro USB cable for easy charging
  • Durable wrist strap prevents the flashlight from being lost
  • Made from premium components for best power and light


  • Gets very hot after a few minutes of use
  • Switch is stiff and difficult to use
  • Tends to smell hot

As you can see, there are some great companies out there making flashlights, but the above ones are the best flashlight brands for 2019. When you are looking for the best flashlight for you, making sure that you consider how powerful the flashlight is, what your main use will be, and whether or not you need any special features, such as a tactical end for self protection or a belt clip for easy carry and transport of your new light.


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