Mini LED flashlight – A small flashlight is a useful everyday gadget that takes up very little space and only weighs a few grams. Often, a large, cylindrical flashlight is too cumbersome when you just want to do something simple- like find your car keys, read a sign, or pull a thorn from your dog’s paw when you’re taking him for a walk.

For those people who need both of their hands in the dark, like campers, climbers or fishermen, a headlamp is ideal. Similarly, a mini flashlight on the handlebars of your bicycle increases your safety in traffic and – albeit unconventional – most small flashlights can double as key-rings.

The most affordable mini LED flashlights are produced in China and sold in multipacks of 10 units. However, customers often complain about poor workmanship, so these are not good candidates for use as emergency lights.

It is therefore recommended that you consider the quality when choosing a mini LED flashlight: lights with a waterproof aluminum housing, a bright, focusable beam of light, and with economical energy consumption are available from as little as $10. In the price range from $10 to $20, you will find pocket flashlights in attractive stainless steel designs.

Penlights are used as technical and medical diagnostic lights. These pen-shaped flashlights offer various features such as floodlight, flashing light, a broad-angle lighting field, a swiveling clip or a magnetic mount.


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