The term “tactic” is derived from the Greek word “taktikos”, which means “ to arrange”, or “to put in order”, which in this case refers to the ability to focus on an object or event in the environment, for the purpose of affecting a certain outcome- commonly for self-defense. So tactical flashlights can do more than simply illuminate.

In combat, peculiarities of military tactics are projected onto the flashlight: it should be ready to use quickly, easy to grasp and have various functions in a discreet, functional design. The latest LED technology provides very high lighting power with extremely economical battery consumption.

The added value of tactical flashlights over regular flashlights is that they can be used for survival and outdoor activities, police work, and technical relief agencies. A multifunction switch often enables one-handed operation, even when wearing thick gloves.

The robust material, most often highly stable aerospace-grade aluminum, lends itself to making the LED flashlight into a weapon of self-defense. If the flashlight is shaped like a baseball bat or has hidden switchblades, the flashlight might fall under certain weapons laws, and unauthorized private persons may be forbidden to own them.

But, even small models can give you a feeling of security. The stroboscope/blinding functions can effectively fend off attackers, both humans and animals. The Navy Seals LED flashlight, known as the Shadow Hawk X800, is one such flashlight and has now been adopted by the Coast Guard.

For outdoor use, an LED flashlight has to be waterproof. The red, green or blue LED flashlight is a great help for special forces and hunters.

The battery-free flashlight has several additional tactical features: turning a crank handle provides the dynamo flashlight with power. Alternatively, the flashlight is also available with a rechargeable battery and an integrated USB connection, so that it can be recharged quickly when necessary.


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