How many types of light bulbs are used for the flashlight now? Gone are the days when consumers only had the options of the traditional 4v bulbs, today, LED lights are the talk of the town. Despite the numerous LED flashlights in the market, not every flashlight uses the same type of LED bulb, do proper judgment and comparison. Take time to check the varied types to determine which LEDs will be the right match for your needs.

We all ought to have one or two flashlights to prove handy when it comes to power outages, journeys into the basement or even camping trips. Evidently, there are varied types of flashlights at our disposal, which can make choosing one a daunting task. In case you’re in the market searching for a new one, worry not, below are the varied types of Led Flashlights you can choose from.

  • LED

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is the most popular and wildly use bulb types in the market due to its durability and powerful features.

  • HID

High-Intensity Discharge bulbs come with an electric current that runs through an arranged ball of ionized gas. Though very rare, these flashlights are very bulky and expensive. However, they’re known for their sharp light and durable bulb.

  • Xenon, Halogen, and Krypton Bulbs

Some flashlight bulbs are filled with pressurized gas that helps to prolong the life of the interior filament. This results in the bulb burning brighter without running down the batteries. Today, these are the brightest flashlights in the market. However, they’re not durable or rugged as LED flashlights.


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