Explosion-protected LED flashlights

The European ATEX standard certifies explosion-protected flashlights. The level of danger from dust, fumes or gases is divided into three categories, although not all explosion-protected flashlights are suitable for use in all situations. Explosion-protected LED flashlights are used by firefighters, the military, and in industry.

An LED flashlight, colored light

The usual white, an LED flashlight can also have a red, green or blue light. Either a four-colored LED is integrated, or color filters can be placed in front of the lamp.

  1. Red light is used as a signal – stop and go are denoted by interchanging red and green light. Subdued red-green light is suitable for reading cards at night.

2.Greenlight is used for observing animals and in hunting. The eyes of animals react to movement, rather than to color. The observers then appear to be invisible.

3.Blue lights used by the criminal police or hunters to pick up traces of blood – which appear black – in the field. It makes contrasts more visible.


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