An AA flashlight refers to the type of battery used. When choosing the best flashlight for your everyday carry, it is important to consider the type of battery it uses. An AA battery may seem out of place compared to other battery types which are compact and can last for a longer time.

One main advantage of owning the best AA flashlight is its availability. AA batteries are widely available and convenient than some types, therefore, accounts for 50% of all the standard batteries sold. Sometimes when using flashlights, you may not want to struggle to try to find special batteries, therefore, settling for the most convenient.

You want to find your batteries at your nearest gas station or market. This makes the AA batteries your best choice. There are rechargeable AA batteries that can be used by modern AA flashlights. This comes in handy to help save your money when you are on a budget and at the same giving you a performance boost and a longer runtime. These flashlights are affordable, easier to use and find.

You cannot go wrong with an AA flashlight especially when you are looking for a simple, affordable, lightweight, easy to use, convenient flashlight for your everyday carry. We have put together 7 AA flashlights that are currently the best.


7 Best AA flashlights

ThruNite TN4A

ThruNite TN4A


The ThruNite TN4A a compact and powerful LED thrower. It gives a great light efficiently as it adopts the latest CREE XP-L HI LED technology. It is powered by four AA batteries and reaches a maximum output of 1050 lumens. The TN4A is a better choice to use everywhere as its AA batteries are economical and readily available.

A ThruNite ITC technology applied in this flashlight makes the light to automatically lower the current when the temperature in LED rises to 80 degrees centigrade to protect damages that may arise from overheating. The flashlight comes in six modes: Firefly, Low, Medium, High, Turbo, and Strobe; it also has a memory that sets the last mode used.

Its body is constructed to last with a premium aluminum type-III hard anodized aircraft grade. The anodized ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating makes the design durable. Another merit that cannot go without mentioning is the reverse polarity protection system that prevents the light from damaging.


Weight: 218.6g (without batteries)
Dimensions: 111.5mm in length and 45.5mm in diameter
Lowest Setting: Strobe (1050 lumens/150 lumens)

Highest Setting: Firefly (0.2 lumens/80 days)


This flashlight comes with a decent price and provides an impressive brightness of 1150 lumens for any flashlight out there. This is an ideal flashlight for outdoor since its beam reaches up to 326 meters enabling you to see everything when in use. It is a compact and durable flashlight and cannot break easily.

It has a high waterproof capability and therefore providing great usage in almost any environment. One merit that increases the effectiveness of this flashlight is its high adjustable capability and the different modes that are very useful.


Sunwayman V11R Cree XM-L U2

Sunwayman V11R


The Sunwayman V11R Cree XM-L U2 is a tactical flashlight that has revolutionized EDC flashlights. It is powered by one 16340 or 14500 battery only with one optional AA extender. It generates up to 500 lumens on turbo mode but it does not exceed 5 minutes when in continuous use.

This flashlight utilizes a unique digital sensor, the magnetic control system with infinite variable output switch that can be easily accessed by slightly twisting the rotator ring from left to right for minimum and maximum output. Its high-quality OP reflector maintains great throw distance and spread with an ideal beam pattern. It throws an effective beam distance of 130 meters.


Weight: 50g (without batteries)
Dimensions: 84mm in length and 23mm in diameter
Lowest Setting: (1 lumen/35 hours)

Highest Setting: (190 lumens/1.5 hours)


Its ability to use a Li-ion rechargeable CR123A battery that can pump out an immense 500 lumens is an advantage for users. It has a perfect finish, brighter with a higher output making it an ideal for anyone in the dark. The most important thing about this flashlight is the adjustable light output. From a minimum dim setting to a turbo-blast 500 lumens.

Don’t be confused with its small structure. It is a versatile flashlight with high-intensity output making it an ideal light for both everyday use and as an emergency backup. It can also be used by hikers, campers, nighttime driver and just about anyone in the dark.


Olight S1A Baton (Lightweight AA Flashlight)

Olight S1A Baton


This is a compact flashlight that outshines competitors with its lightweight and ability to produce a whopping 600 lumens of bright white light reaching up to 118 meters away. This is made possible with its Cree XM-L2 LED. It has the ability to automatically go dim after one minute on high output to prevent overheating.

This light also features four steady outputs ranging from 220 lumens down to 0.5 lumens with an additional tactical strobe function that enables a wider range of lighting needs. It is powered by a normal AA battery or a rechargeable 14500 battery which provides a higher voltage for the light to achieve its maximum output.


Weight: 1.29oz. (37.5g) (without batteries)
Dimensions: 79.5mm in length and 18.4mm in diameter
Lowest Setting: (0.5 lumen/600 hours)

Highest Setting: (600 lumens/0.016 hours)


This is a great light for EDC. It is short, compact and lightweight and provides a decent light output. It has well-spaced modes and uses an Alkaline or NiMH batteries which are easily available. It goes ahead to give you a higher output when running on a 14500 battery. Its strong clip makes it hard to lose and simple user interface design which is essential for EDC flashlights.


Zanflare F2S (Tactical flashlight)

The Zanflare F2S is the latest upgrade form Zanflare F2. It has a simple interface and of good quality.  It is powered by 2 x AA batteries and constructed with Aerospace Grade Aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodization. This solid and durable flashlight has a signature of a single-line spiral knurling look that is simple and quite smooth.

It comes with a Cree XP-G2 LED enabling it to deliver output up to 200 lumens. The head which has a squared section provides an anti-roll effect enabling it to change different modes. This neat features in addition to others like battery level indicator make this flashlight an ideal selection.


Weight: 2.57 oz. (73g) (without batteries)
Dimensions: 180mm in length and 95mm in diameter
Lowest Setting: (15 lumen/30 hours)

Highest Setting: (200 lumens/0.63 hours)


The Zanflare F2S is a decent flashlight for people on a budget as is comes with an incredibly low price. Mostly low price synonymous with low quality but in this case. The flashlight is surprisingly durable and can be quite useful. A demerit of this flashlight is its low brightness with a maximum of 200 lumens. This low brightness level might be ideal if you need it for your basic use.

Nitecore EA41 – High Lumen AA Flashlight

Nitecore EA41


The Nitecore EA41 is a palm-sized member of the prestigious Explorer series. It is one of the brightest searchlights that runs with 4 x AA batteries. It utilizes a Cree XM-L2 LED to offer a maximum massive output of 1020 lumens. It has five setting lumen outputs providing a range of suitable brightness for almost all your everyday lighting needs.

In addition to the wide range of brightness levels, it also equipped with a range of construction features that make it easy to handle and durable, this includes a tapered aluminum housing with knurled grips, dual switch design that offers mode selection, corrosion-resistant Type III anodized hard coat, an activation control and instant strobe.


Weight: 5.33 oz. (151g) (without batteries)
Dimensions: 177mm in length and 40mm in diameter
Lowest Setting: (1 lumen/400­­ hours)

Highest Setting: (1020 lumens/1hr 45min)


This searchlight has an extremely compact size, its features are versatile and an ultra-high-intensity beam. The high contrast enables users to see things more clearly, therefore, making it one of the ultimate lighting tool for both working professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.


Coast Polysteel 600R – Tactical flashlight

Coast Polysteel 600R


The Coast Polysteel 600R is a tactical rechargeable flashlight that is waterproof, drop proof, and crush proof. It is powered by 4 X AA batteries or the included lithium battery pack which includes an output which allows the recharging of other devices using a USB cord.

This is the very strong light that will suit your needs if you work in an environment that subjects your equipment under constant stress. It comes with a pure beam focusing optic with twist focus to make the light ultra-durable and ready to withstand any weather. It is encased in a stainless steel core and features a deep crosshatch polymer body.



Weight: 12 oz. (340g) (without batteries)
Dimensions: 200mm in length and 47.2mm in diameter
Lowest Setting: (73 lumen/40­­ hours)

Highest Setting: (710 lumens/2hr 15min)



Even though it might not be the strongest flashlight, it is still decent with a maximum light output of 710 lumens which is quite high. The beam can reach a distance of 247 meters which is ideal with its low price. The Polysteel 600R LED in virtually unbreakable and backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. It has also been tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.


Streamlight 88061- ProTac LED flashlight


This is one bright and compact flashlight that is very powerful. It operates with a single AA or C123 lithium batteries enabling it to fit comfortably in one hand. It is a small compact flashlight with a 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with anodized finish.

The tons of settings in this flashlight makes it very flexible and very handy. Users can select 1 of 3 different programs: High-Strobe-Low (Factory Default), High Only, Low-High, through a TEN-TAP programmable switch.


Weight: 2.57 oz. (73g) (without batteries)
Dimensions: 108mm in length and 21.6mm in diameter
Lowest Setting: (40 lumen/14 hours)

Highest Setting: (350 lumens/1.5 hours)


This is a perfect everyday carry light. It is small in size, compact, lightweight and has a big illumination. Even with a single AA, it has the ability to throw a beam distance up to 160 meters. The tons of settings, impact resistance capability and a removable pocket clip makes it quite impressive.

Things to consider when buying an AA flashlight

If you are planning to buy an AA flashlight? this section will take you through some important points you will need to consider. Although most AA flashlight may look similar, the overall quality and functionality may be determined by a few factors.

The following are useful and informative factors that should help you find the perfect model of flashlight that suites your needs.

Design and Shape

You will notice that there are a variety of AA flashlight designs options for you to choose from in the market. A standard design style consist of a tube-like handle that contains batteries which operate with other units to provide a typical light output.

You should aim for compact and light models as they are very easy to handle. The casing should also be rugged to ensure a firm grip. You should avoid models with slick casings as they can be slippery during rough weathers such as rain or snow.

Light Output

Light output is measured in lumens. This is simply a measure of brightness a flashlight can produce. Lumens are an important factor when choosing an AA flashlight. A low lumen light might be less useful if you need it for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, walking, searching, or rescue missions. The same case applies to a high lumen light which is needed just for night time reading.

Lumens on AA flashlights vary from 20 lumens up to 3500 lumens. A high lumen light has the capability of projecting a beam of light more than 200 meters. New batteries enables a flashlight to produce maximum lumens at its peak utilizing the unit’s full functionality. An AA flashlight with density settings is more preferable as it can used in any situation.

Battery type/ Run time

A flashlight cannot operate without a battery, therefore, making a battery the heart of a flashlight. A unit becomes inefficient and worthless when using a bad quality battery. When considering the battery type, you will want to know how long you expect your flashlight to work at optimum performance and the number of batteries it to be used.

Always check the flashlight specs and find out the power consumption guide. This will help you know how long your battery will last and avoid an instance when your light goes off when halfway your destination or reduced to a candle flame when you most need it.

Choose a rechargeable lithium-Ion batteries to reduce your cost and extra weight. Also look at the charging points, they should be recharged through a USB port, an AC or DC outlet or even the convenient solar panel.

Size and Weight

This is an extremely important factor to consider depending on how you want to use the flashlight. You will need a small sized AA flashlight that fits the palm of your hand if you will be using the unit in a tight space. This ensures easy handling hence making it effective and reliable to the task at hand.

If you want an AA flashlight to use during camping, hiking or any other outdoor activities, you will probably want a larger flashlight with a wider beam, so as to light up a wider area. Big flashlights tend to be heavier that their smaller counterparts. You should therefore consider it regardless of the usage.

Cost and Benefits

It is common to walk to a nearest store and look for the best bargain while buying an AA flashlight. Low priced units might not always be the best option while making a purchase decision. The most expensive flashlights on the other hand will not always guarantee you a quality product.

Before visiting the shopping store, you need to know the importance of the flashlight, its reliability, brightness levels required, battery type, and beam intensity among others features. This will help you tailor your budget to fit your most desirable flashlight at the same time have an idea of features when looking for best deals available.

You need to have a good idea of the capabilities before you set off to the store. Beginners with low use should go for standard AA flashlights. They can be easily maintained, are affordable and can be long-lasting. Professionals and outdoor activities on the other hand need a substantial AA flashlight that not only performs well in terms of light projection, but also has longer runtime, rechargeable and allows multiple adjustable settings for different usage.


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