Lumen refers to how we measure the amount of light energy that is emitted from the face of a flashlight. High Lumen simply means that you have a powerful battery and a powerful LED. Below are the common manufacturer’s rules to help you make a decision of how much light you require by Lumens.

  • 1 – 14 Lumens: Virtually any flashlight will do. Such a level of light can’t even destroy your night vision. It’s the kind of light you need to forge your way around a dark room.
  • 15 – 59 Lumens: This amount of light is sufficient to illuminate a room in case of power outage, though not enough to see very far outdoors. Also, despite it not being strong enough to blind a prospective attacker, it can mess your night vision.
  • 60 – 149 Lumens: This is the basic level of light you would desire while going for a walk at night through your neighborhood.
  • 150 – 299 Lumens: This level of light can easily light up a large room, your entire backyard and still enable you to see pretty far out of a campsite. It can cause temporary blindness.
  • 300 – 699 Lumens: Most flashlights only achieve these lumen levels with specialty batteries.
  • 700+ Lumens: This is quite serious. It comes in handy when you want maximum brightness. Rescue teams usually use these kinds of lumens. These insane flashlights can lighten an entire football pitch and make it as bright as a Christmas tree.


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