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Fenix TK75

The Most Powerful Flashlight in 2014

What is the most powerful flashlight? To answer this question, we will look at flashlights that produce the most lumens. We will exclude spotlights,...

5 Brightest Spotlight Recommended

What is the brightest spotlight? A spotlight is a tool intended to produce a very bright light with a far beam distance and a...
pen light

3 Best Pen Lights 2017/2018 Review

Penlights, unlike typical flashlights are more specialized lighting devices that are smaller in size. Just as large as a fountain pen, pen light is...
Fenix E35- Best 18650 flashlight

True Reviews: 5 Best Single 18650 Flashlight in Quality and Durability

Review: Fenix E35 The Fenix E35 Ultimate Edition is an updated version from 2016. Here we will discuss the 2016 version.The 2016 version E35 is...
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